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Simply the best

Why are we the best when it comes to Cryotherapy in Vancouver?


Whether it’s our years of experience working with other cryotherapy providers, the depth of knowledge on the benefits (and the science behind it), our cutting edge technology, or our individualized treatment protocols. Vancouver Cryotherapy is dedicated to leveraging cryo in the most effective ways possible for you.


Vancouver Cryotherapy, located inside Float House, is the first to bring whole body cryotherapy and its proven health and beauty benefits to Vancouver!


The short (3 minutes) hyper-cooling (-145 to -165 degrees Celsius) treatment decreases inflammation of injuries and chronic musculoskeletal diseases, manages pain, improves athletic performance, improves skin tone, reduces signs of aging, speeds up the base metabolic rate, boosts mood and energy levels.

One of Vancouver Cryotherapy's main goal is to decrease recovery time, an aspect of health and fitness often neglected. Whether it’s from an injury, intense training or a chronic condition, we aim to allow anyone to maintain and excel in training camps, regular gym workouts, or their day to day activities. This is why athletes and now noncompetitive active individuals have widely adopted whole body cryotherapy as a powerful modality to recover for training, acute and chronic injuries.

Cryotherapy has also been embraced by those looking for the mental benefits since there is a boost of neurotransmitters after each session that improve mental clarity, focus, and attention.    

The beauty and anti-aging benefits of cryo has drawn the attention of many that want to look and feel younger. Due to the calorie burning effects, smoother & tighter skin, and helping fight conditions like cellulite.     


Cryo can play an important role in the general population who are suffering from diseases like arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and chronic pain conditions.

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