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Cryotherapy: The "Freezer" of Youth

Living forever might not be an option but life extension is possible!

Trying to extend your lifespan?

How about reduce wrinkles and produce more collagen? Well thanks to Cryotherapy that is all possible! Yes, if you're currently reading this, you're living in the future! Living forever however, might not yet be an option but to those who are aware of the secrets of cryotherapy or cryobiology there is an 'elixir' (of sorts) that they may regularly indulge in. What is it you ask? Well, Cryotherapy is one way of extending your life and it works by utilizing special technology and nitrogen gases to reduce the temperature within Cryotherapy chambers down to below -150 °C!

There is an 'elixir' (of sorts)..

At these extreme cold temperatures several reactions begin to happen instantly within your body, once you step inside. The moment your session begins, your body starts to constricts peripheral tissues. Then almost instantly it beings to send blood from the skin surface, muscle tissue, and surrounding joints directly into your core to protect your vital organs and core temperature. As the blood travels down to your core, it passes along straight through your entire cardiovascular system where it’s purged of toxins and pumped full of rich oxygen, nutrients, and enzymes. The body then continues to flush and rid all of your muscles and tissues of toxins and circulate blood, all along continuing this flushing process for the duration of your session.

A 3 Minute Session Also Burns Up To 800 Calories!!


After a cryotherapy session, your body immediately begins to return the enriched blood to the peripheral tissues delivering blood back to the skin, muscle tissue, and surrounding joints. This is where the magic happens. The moment you step out of the chamber you are on your way to healthier more vibrant skin. Richer blood, healthier cells and a more youthful self. What more could you possibly ask for? Of course, things will return to back-to-normal unless you maintain good health and avoid all possible toxins. However in this day and age, it is highly improbable that you do. So your best bet is to stay consistent. You can't just eat an apple once and expect the benefits to last a lifetime. But if something as small as an apple a day can keep the doctor away. Just imagine what regular Cryotherapy sessions can do for your entire body.

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